Fourth International Amateur Basketball League (IABL) tournament champions - Ukraine national team

 On 12 June the Fourth International Amateur Basketball League (IABL) tournament was closed. The final tour took place in Slovenia health resort Portorož on the Adriatic coast.

After the semifinals, The Ukraine national team, the champions of the last year tour and KKL national team, made on the basis of Sports Obsession team, turned out as the final rivals.

The final match started with a persistent fight , where players from Kaunas were more successful, however in the second round the Ukrainian representatives kept the initiative till the end of game and won in a result 93:80.

The Kaunas team being a regular winners of the season were so close to the final aim to win over the constant champions of the IABL, however due to the lack of rest after the semifinals, surrended the opponents from the Ukraine. Tegros team from Vilnius took the third place.

Soon, in autumn the fifth IABL tournament will start with possibility to join new teams and expansion of matches geography.

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